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Smile Design By Ash Parmar Live!
A three-day master class programme designed to give you a comprehensive insight into cosmetic & restorative dentistry, and occlusion on 16, 17, 18th October 2020 at Andover, Hampshire.

Ideal for dentists who want to improve their clinical skills, confidence & become a better all round dentist, doing more private work. Course limited to 25 dentists only.
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Smile Makeover Master Class Live
  • A unique 3-day Course where you will learn about HOW to create a successful, private dental practice. 
  • ​Inspirational mix of lectures and live masterclass demonstration. 
  • ​Learn about the A-Z of cosmetic dentistry in general practice. 
  • ​Watch a 8-10 unit porcelain restorations case being treated LIVE from start to finish in 3 days! 
  • ​Learn the skills needed to do comprehensive dentistry with CONFIDENCE. 
  • Occlusion tips galore for long-lasting dentistry.
  • Technology - see a soft tissue diode laser, T Scan (occlusion) and the Trios 3-Shape scanner being used. 
  • ​Minimally invasive dentistry using composites and fibres. 
  • ​Learn about the Art of Communication & Ethical Selling in Dentistry. 
  • Failures - what not to do, and who not to treat. 
  • ​Effective presentation techniques using PowerPoint for high case acceptance
  • ​The role of the Treatment Coordinator to help the dentist. 
  • ​Living a balanced life and enjoying dentistry. 
The Last Course was a great success!
20 dentists did the Course last time.
The overwhelming feedback was incredible value and benefits received from the training personally given by Ash over the three days. The Course changed the life of Jackie (the patient that was treated), as well as all the dentists!
Course Delegates - October 2018 Batch
Dr Ash Parmar & Dr Manish Chitnis with the course patient
Smile Makeover Training With Patient Treatment Done Live!
Ash will be doing the training for the three days. Lectures will be supported by Ash doing a Smile Makeover live for a patient that requires 8-10 porcelain restorations in the upper arch.
The venue has state-of- the-art camera and audio-visual facilities so that dentists can watch close up what Ash will be doing live, as well as ask him questions in an interactive manner, whilst the treatment will be carrying on.

The porcelain restorations will be made and fitted on the course by Swift Dental Group, UK's biggest dental laboratory.

This is a life-changing course, not only for the patient that will have the treatment, but also for the Course participants who will learn from the vast experience and knowledge that Ash will share.
Course Details & Patient for October 2019 - Fiona Mackenzie
“For the 2019 Course on 11-13 October, we have a fantastic patient lined up. Fiona was a dentist in the past, and she has tetracycline staining and a narrow/gummy smile. I have already done hard tissue lasering for UR4 and UR5 to give us a “gum lift”. 

I will be treating Fiona from start to finish live in only 3 days – creating and fitting 10 world class EMAX porcelain veneers, doing every step of the treatment to the highest standard possible. This is by far my favourite teaching Course because I can give dentists (of any level of experience) so much information and tips, so that they get the most for their investment in time and money. This is truly a life changing Course!”  

- Ash Parmar
Learning Outcomes of this course
In this unique and inspirational course, you will have the opportunity to watch a 8-10 unit (porcelain restorations) restorative/cosmetic case being treated live. Using high definition video for a close up view of the mouth, and interactive communication with Ash, you are assured of the best learning experience.Ash will do the preparation, trial smile creation, review and cementation – all within 3 days!
Course is on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday - you only lose one day off work!
Local Premier Inn hotel for affordable accommodation if travelling from further away. CLICK HERE to book you accommodation

The following areas are covered on this unique Course: -

Day 1
- Introduction lecture on Smile Analysis, and how to do teeth preparations precisely, which burs to use and why, the best instruments and materials to use
- Live practical demonstration of a patient being treated. You will learn step-by-step how Ash treats a patient in his private practice in real time
- A soft tissue diode laser will be used for minor gingival recontouring to get the best zenith positions of the gingivae for the ideal end result
- The Trios (3 Shape) digital scanner will be used to take digital impressions and a digital bite registration, and this will be supported by other clinical records needed in doing a Smile Makeover case
- Using Luxatemp & Luxaglaze, Ash will create beautiful aesthetic and functionally accurate temporary restorations
- T Scan – the best occlusion checking software in the world – will be used to verify the accuracy of the occlusion, i.e. ensure correctly adjusted temporary restorations
- Introduction lecture (late afternoon) – an important overview of how to create a successful cosmetic private dental practice.

Day 2
- Review of the patient (“Trial Smile Review”) to finalise the shape, colour and take various records essential for perfect laboratory communication
- Case selection – how to choose the correct patients for Smile Design in your practice
- Diary management and fees to charge for the various stages of doing a Smile Makeover
- A-Z of cosmetic dentistry – a detailed review of all the cosmetic treatment options using minimally invasive techniques to give the patient a great looking smile. There will be an emphasis on using composite (and fibres)
- Role Play – a chance to see a live New Patient Consultation done by Ash – you will learn invaluable communication skills in this exercise
- Failures – a lecture on things not to do, and patients not to treat – learn from the mistakes Ash has made over 20+ years of clinical dentistry.

Day 3
- Occlusion and T Scan lecture – tips on occlusion that you can quickly implement in your practice easily and confidently for more successful results
- Cementation lecture – step-by-step guide on how to fit 8-10 porcelain restorations under rubber dam in a confident and relaxed manner
- Role Play – Case Presentation using PowerPoint and interaction with a Treatment Coordinator. Learn exactly how Ash presents his treatment plans a week after the full assessment (Ash has a high standard of wanting 90% case acceptance for his treatment presentations)
- Cementation – fitting of the porcelain restorations for the patient – live demonstration
- How to become a successful dentist – final lecture on achieving your professional goals and living a balanced life.
Event Details : 
Event Details : 
16th, 17th, 18th October 2020
Full Price: £995 plus VAT
- £1194 (including VAT)

Deposit £294 (Secure your place)
£900 (Later Payment)

Dental Concepts Education Centre, Unit 1B, 132 Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3BE
Due to the popularity of this Course, all the places will be booked on a “first come first served” basis. 

Dentists that book by 30th September 2020, will get a special metal bur container and top quality Komet burs worth £120. 

This is the outstanding set of burs that Ash uses in his private practice – you will also be ready to do Smile Makeovers after this Course!
About Dr. Ash Parmar : 
Ash is a private dentist who runs a unique dental practice in Chigwell, London called Smile Design By Ash. More about Ash:
  • National and international lecturer.
  • Has a training academy teaching dentists from all over UK and internationally (www.theacademybyash.co.uk)
  • Special interest in cosmetic dentistry, advanced restorative cases (e.g. wear), implants, lasers, fibre/composite dentistry and dentures
  • “Dentist to dentists” – Due to his clinical skills and knowledge, Ash has a number of dentists and their family members as his clients
  • Extensively featured on TV (Extreme Makeover UK, This Morning, The Only Way Is Essex, Body Shockers, Channel 5 News) and national newspapers and magazines
GDC Number: 67339
"A great leader has a clear, laser sharp focus. Time needs to be spent working both IN and ON the business." Ash Parmar
“This unique Course will help dentists understand clearly how to avoid veneer fractures and debonding, and learn how to do very precise and minimal tooth preparation for ideal aesthetics and longevity. Dentists will be able to implement simple and effective ways of doing the type of treatment that I do routinely very quickly and confidently upon returning to the practice.”     
- Ash Parmar      
REMEMBER: Porcelain veneers done properly and bonded to enamel have a success rate of 98% after 12 years - based on scientific evidence in research carried out by Galip Gurel in 2013.

TO BOOK this Course and learn from Ash’s inspirational teaching style, click the link below: -
What some of the dentists who attended the 3 day "master-class" have to say:

“I consider this course as a life changing experience. There were a lot of “WOW” moments and I also felt emotional watching the transformation the patients experienced in Ash’s presentations. Ash is not only one of the top dentists in cosmetic dentistry in the UK, but also a wonderful human being. He is genuinely interested in improving his patients’ smiles and lives and he has no limits in sharing everything he knows, good and bad experiences. Ash also has this gift to inspire and to encourage everyone telling us we can do it. Words are not enough to describe the level of excellence!” Georgina Mirica - Dentist

“Excellent course!! I have attended a few courses on smile designing, but among them all, this was the best one! Ash is very interested in teaching, educating and less about making money – he genuinely wants to help delegates. Manish also has the same ethos and therefore this course was really enjoyable and inspiring!!” Ami Sutarwala - Dentist

“This course has been an eye opener for me to the “World of Cosmetic Dentistry.” I have learnt to think beyond the NHS box and offer more options to my patients, the confidence for which I did not have before. I took up the course because Manish recommended it, but the inspiration and confidence I have got from it are unbelievable. The course has opened up an entire realm of dentistry, which I desire to improve upon.” Priya Prathaban - Dentist

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